The Telling Error by Sophie Hannah

The Oracle - Friday, April 04, 2014

To what lengths would you go to keep a secret?

Stuck in a traffic jam on Elmhirst Road, Nicki Clements sees a police officer she never wanted to see again, stopping every car.  Desperate to avoid him, she does a U-turn and drives away.  This decision has severe consequences as she is now considered a suspect in the murder of a controversial newspaper columnist which occurred on that very road.

Nicki could explain the reasons for her strange actions, but not without revealing a secret which could ruin her life.  She's an experienced liar, but the police are experts at spotting deception.  Lie builds upon lie and makes Nicki seem more and more guilty.

Sophie Hannah is an expert at crafting complex psychological mysteries and The Telling Error is no exception.  It's taut and full of suspense and the plot twists keep coming.  It's a great choice if you liked Gone Girl.


The Oracle - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

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